Hi there!


2014-18 就读于西交利物浦大学/利物浦大学,取得电气工程与电子学士。
2018-19 就读于爱丁堡大学,取得计算机科学硕士。

语言常用 Java,熟悉 C++ 和 Python。

技能树歪得要命,做过 Minecraft 模组,​工业软件(Qt+OpenGL),​深度学习(PyTorch),​Docker,​FGPA(Verilog),​Arduino。​常驻过 Linux,但是 Shell 不会多少。实在需要的话也可以做 Android,强电,模电,控制系统。另外还附赠 LaTeX,​Photoshop,​Premiere,​After Effects,​Inkscape,​GIMP。​老实说作为美工倒是意外的挺熟练。

如你所见,学的计算机,但不是科班。算法和数据结构还算可以,懂一点操作系统,数据库原理,AI。除此之外,网络和前端认识几乎为零,看得懂,有时会用,但是讲不清。值得一提的就是写过的代码量比较大,这一点有兴趣的话可以翻翻我的 Github。



Hi, here is Towdium, a guy from Nanjing, China. I’ve got bacheler’s degree in electrical enginering and electronics from Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University / University of Liverpool, and master’s degree in computer science from University of Edinburgh. Feel free to contact me, I’m willing to talk and share.

Most of you might know me as a Minecraft modder, but I also creates industrial software (Qt+OpenGL) and did some research in deep learning (PyTorch). I’m also familiar with Docker, FGPA (Verilog) and Arduino. I was a long-term Linux desktop user (Manjaro Gnome), but I don’t know much about Shell programming.

For some less experienced skills, I have some understanding about power systems, analog circuits and control systems. Less related, I am skilled in multimedia content creation, including Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Inkscape and GIMP.

No intrest in food and travelling.

Autumn 2019